Fut 13 web app not working

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This is also happening to the players who try to access the Companion App. The codes are sent immediately and you can access the Web App. It means that the only thing that it is not matching is the date. Electronic Arts is working on a fix to this issue.

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Then, you will be able to change to one of other six languages or, if you want to use another account, sign out. It was working fine up until the other day. Saying I havent logged out of my console so cant do things to my squad or transfers on the web app. Is thee anyway I can stop this without having to go on my console?

Same email address.

FIFA 19 Web App Troubleshooting Guide

Please advise. Please contact the EA Support. I assure you I already have a team and playing regularly on the console but will not let me log in the web app! It may sound stupid but are you absolutely sure that you are using the same account email? If you do, then please contact the EA Support. How can I fix this? That IS the problem. They have a team ready to help you in situations like this one. Attempting to log in Mobile app and when receive an email to validate my account, it comes up saying an error.

Is this common? It worked fine yesterday when I used it for the first time. Please, contact the EA Support. I am having an issue with players received in packs not going to my club and unable to put them in my squad they are no where to be found Example. Received reward for finish week of rivals at a certain rank I chose my reward claimed it I got Di Maria in the pack along with other players and consumables sent all to club but none of the players can be found. Usually, that happens because your players are untradeable.

FIFA 18 Web App Troubleshooting Guide

That is the time it resets right? We believe they are still live. They refresh it at 5pm pacific time. You can see more details here.

I simply cant get on the web app on my laptop, it comes up with a random white page that says; Rotate Device — Sorry, screen rotation is not supported. Please rotate your device to continue using the application. Have you tried to contact the EA Support? The app now says that I have to log off console by backing out of the ultimate team menu or by switching the console off which I have done and it still says the same thing. This is what I get when I try logging in.

Solved: Can't access FUT on Web app - No associated FUT Club - Page 2 - Answer HQ

The web page at https: Have you tried going through this link: Thank you. EA has disabled daily gifts on Web and companion Apps due to an issue in other words, someone has found a way to get unlimited rewards. They will turn them back as soon as the issue has been resolved.

°"FUT 13 Web App"° - Serie A Silver (UT)

On mobile app. Have to close and reload app to be able to do anything else but still cannot select my player pick. Tells me to play fifa 19 on my console. It was designed for that.

FIFA 19 Web App Troubleshooting Guide

I had Fifa 18 and 17 fut clubs but pre ordered the standard edition this year. Frequently Asked Questions. What is FUT? With the variety of single player and online match modes available, FUT draws in millions of players every day. If you created a FUT 17 account between September 27th and August 1st and logged in on your Console or PC you should be able to access early web and mobile start.

While we try to let everyone in, there are some accounts that will not make it in. If you were banned in FIFA 17 or deleted your club at any point, you will not gain access to early web start. What is required to use the apps? The Web App will only work with newer web browsers that support our features. Your web browser must support WebGL. We recommend always using the latest version of your favourite browser. Internet Explorer support is limited to version 11 only. Our minimum requirements for mobile operating systems is Android 4.

How do multiple accounts work?

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To login to a different account, you will need to sign out completely. Why do I need to do in order to access the Transfer Market? To ensure the Transfer Market is a fair experience for all players, we need to make sure you and all players are playing by our rules. For more answers, visit EA Help. Follow Us Facebook Twitter Newsletter. Services Game Face.